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Analytics, Insights & Reporting

Our Learning Management System is designed to get you the information you need, when you need it.


In-Depth Reporting Provides Critical Insights

Learner Progress Reports

For Program Administrators

Project admins are provided with tiered access to learner progress reports. The progress reports can be customized to contain any of the following information, and to filter and sort by parameters relating to these categories.

  • Group/Cohort Assignment

  • Level

  • Start & End Dates

  • Date of first & last Access

  • Time spent in extra content section

  • Time spent in unit

  • Progress Tests Submitted

  • Progress Tests Passed

  • Progress Tests Score

  • Time spent in Progress Test

  • Total time spent in the platform (on all devices)


For Learners

The myEnglish eLearning platform closely tracks learner progress through the eLearning program, and learners are provided information on their progress in a variety of ways.

Information on the amount of time spent in the platform is synchronized across all devices, so that learning time spent on mobile devices is tracked and added to time spent at a desktop computer.

Progress test scores and date of first and last access are also reported.

Time spent in campus resources like business videos, emails, and the grammar and vocabulary bank are also tracked and can be isolated and reported separately from time spent progressing through the structured learning units.

The Learner Dashboard features a Bookmark for quick and easy access to their current place within the unit.
It also features a progress bar, and indicates the total time spent studying to date (synchronized across all devices).

Learner Dashboard_progress report.jpg

The advanced progress report allows learners to drill down into detail to see exactly which pages and activities they have completed.

Advanced Progress Report.png
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