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eLearning Platform

Designed for serious learners, with a focus on English for Business

Highly structured, robust learning content
developed by Oxford University Press

Video-centered learning engages learners and provides a real-world context for language concepts​​

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How Does It Work?

Learning By Doing

The content and structure of myEnglish is designed for adult learners and is based on scientific principles that apply to all kinds of learning.

Cognitive Load

Students learn better when the burden placed on working memory in the process of learning is managed appropriately.

Practice in Context

Students learn better when knowledge and skills are presented and practiced in context. It is particularly valuable when the context reflects settings and scenarios that are authentic to the work that students will engage in as practitioners and professionals in the field.

Prior Knowledge

Students learn better when they can connect new knowledge to prior knowledge. Learners find it easier to understand and retain new knowledge when they integrate it with what they already know.

Desirable Difficulties

Students learn better when learning requires effort. Some learning tasks may feel hard for the learner but introduce difficulties that help promote long-term retention and transfer — and are thus “desirable.”


Students learn better when practice and instructional content are delivered in a mode that is appropriate for their pedagogical needs. The right mode—used the right way—can help replicate authentic contexts and make concepts easy to understand, while the wrong mode can generate extraneous cognitive load.

Deliberate Practice

Students learn from mindful, carefully planned practice with feedback — the opposite of mindless repetition.

Experiential Learning

Helping learners make sense of experiences is foundational to adult learning. There are four key elements of experiential learning: concrete experience, reflection and observation, development of new ideas, and experimenting with new ideas.

myEnglish engages learners throughout their course of study with rigorous exercises designed to provide many different modes in which learners can practice and demonstrate their new skills. 


Guided Practice

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Opportunities for students to practice skills in context, helps to move concepts and ideas into Long-term Memory.

The exercises in myEnglish call on students to deploy grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure knowledge in a variety of ways, which helps cement new concepts and skills.

Annabel, our eLearning avatar, is always present in myEnglish, guiding learners through exercises and providing context and nuance to new ideas. 

Immediate Feedback

Immediate feedback can improve a learner’s confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning, which leads to increased Motivation. Feedback that is provided at the time of learning helps improve understanding, address misconceptions, reinforce strategies, and support retention in Long-term Memory.

myEnglish provides learners with instant results on Self-Assessment exercises, offering encouragement and corrections with each exercise.

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Self Monitoring

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When adults monitor their comprehension, performance and use of strategies when learning
they become more invested in their work, build their Metacognition, and actively participate in the

myEnglish calls on learners to actively listen to their own recordings and compare them against the provided speech patterns, helping to correct mispronunciations and reducing accents.

Competency-Based Assessments

Competency-based learning is self-paced, focused on mastery, and centered around demonstrating learning outcomes and skills. 


The structured learning in myEnglish guides learners along a carefully charted path to skill development. Regular progress tests require learners to successfully demonstrate their skills before moving on.


Informal Content

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  • Business Videos

  • Work Emails

  • Workplace Culture

In addition to the structured learning units, myEnglish contains a rich libarary of extra materials aimed at reinforcing the core skills of language learning. The section’s strong emphasis on business vocabulary helps develop and refine professional English skills, and it provides hundreds of hours of extra practice.

Universally Recognized Language Skills

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The levels in myEnglish are directly aligned with the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), so your language skills are sure to translate into the global workplace and beyond.

Upon completion of each level in myEnglish, learners receive a downloadable pdf certificate verifying their progress and indicating their CEFR skill level.  

Read more about CEFR  >>>

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Completion Certificate
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eLearning for

15 Global Languages

Need to learn a language other than English? We've got you covered. Our myLanguage eLearning platform offers language training for 15 Global languages.


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