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Our Mission

Changing Lives Through Language Learning

with Passion and Joy, Using Cutting-Edge Technology and the World's Best Learning Content.

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Message from the Founder & CEO

"Language learning isn't easy. Anyone who tells you it is or it should be is just trying to sell you a gimmick.

"Ardor Learning is focused on results. And we know the best way to get results is by understanding what is truly needed to learn a language and learn it well enough to be effective in a global environment.

"Today over 80% of spending on language learning is still led by human teachers. Effective language training needs great teachers, yes, but what if you could deploy amazing technology in the process? How would that change the world of language learning?

"That's what we set out to do with Ardor Learning - to demonstrate that language training can be scalable and still be effective.

"If you're a serious learner who truly wants to change your life through language acquisition, then Ardor Learning is for you."

What We Are About

We call it "The Ardor Way"

Learning Outcomes

When you've identified the need for language training, results matter. Everything we do is focused on creating successful learning outcomes for our learners. 

Customer Delight

We cultivate a culture of service at Ardor Learning. Our team members go above and beyond to serve our customers - with quick response times, thorough reports and a serious desire to say "yes!" to whatever is asked of them.

Accountability & Respect

We have built a company that goes beyond the simple employer-employee relationship. Our team members are selected for kindness and encouraged to support each other in service to our learners. Personal responsibility is our mantra - team members do what is expected without being asked. It's part of the way we show respect for each other and respect for the mission we serve.

The Ardor Way
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Meet the Team

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Our Offices

Locations Around the World

We were the company of the future before the future got here.


Our team has always worked in a distributed architecture, connecting with each other in virtual settings.


We don't waste our resources (or the planet's) on fancy, formal offices - we'd rather come to you!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Madrid, Spain

Bucharest, Romania


Hyderabad, India
Beijing, China

Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan

The Americas

The Americas
Toronto, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
Bogota, Columbia
California, Chicago, Ohio, and Greater New York Area, USA

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We’d Love to Work With You

If you're passionate about teaching...

If you love learning...

If you want to work for a company that values 'doing the right thing' over profits...

If you want to delight your customers (or want to be delighted yourself)...

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Founders, Investors & Partners

Founding Team.jpg

Ardor Learning Founding Team


(left to right) Hiroshi Sato, Javier Cruz, Deepak Desai, André le Fèvre, Joyce Sharkey and Hans Cao

S.P. Reddy, Investor

Mr. S.P. Reddy is a successful entrepreneur and investor across US and India, in domains as diverse as Information Technology, Defense, Transportation, Public Sectors, Healthcare, Hospitality and Real Estate Development. He is an active philanthropist leading initiatives such as “Impact,” which helped radically increase the survival rate of children with cancer in one of the largest states in India.


Serving on the Board of Directors at Ardor Learning, 

his valuable investment in the company provides strategic direction to operations in India and Worldwide.

SP Reddye.jpg

Global Partners

Oxford University Press. Ardor has a continuing license agreement with Oxford University Press to provide us with the latest in teaching excellence.

Aziksa Inc. is an award-winning educational technology company based in Silicon Valley and is leading our efforts in technological and product innovation. Aziksa was recently awarded as the "Most Innovative Cloud-Based Delivery Platform", a 2020 Global Excellence Award from Acquisition International Magazine.

Ardor Learning has several prominent distribution partners around the world, including Lexicom and Mr. Books in Colombia, The Language Company in Chile, Professional Language Service (PLS) in Argentina, The Language Force, Oxford Mexico and UK Company in Mexico, Kampus Learning in Turkey, Learning Expert in Russia, Britanica Learning Centre in Romania, and OTC in Japan.

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