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Language Learning Isn't Easy.

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Learning a new language - particularly as an adult - is hard.

We won't tell you we make it easy.

But we will support you every step of the way, to make sure you achieve the learning results you strive for. 


Because we believe that better language skills can truly change your life.

Resources for Learners

Structured Learnig

Why Can't I Access all the Levels in myEnglish?

Structured Learning
Keeps you on Track

It's called 'scaffolding', and this concept provides the underpinnings of a lot of education programs. 


In a scaffolded learning program, new concepts are presented by a teacher and then the learner is called on to put those concepts into practice. Once the learner demonstrates a strong understanding of the material, more new concepts are presented. And then the learner puts those into practice. And so on, and so on. 

Each level in myEnglish follows a standard structure consisting of 12 units, divided into four sections. Each section begins with a video story and ends with a Progress Test. Learners must receive satisfactory scores on all four Progress Tests before moving on to the next level.

This highly structured presentation of the English lessons ensures that learners build a strong base of knowledge and are able to demonstrate that knowledge before adding new concepts. In this way learners acquire a practical skill set that can be immediately put to use in the real world.


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Begin at the Beginning.
We'll help you get to the End.

Every program starts with a robust assessment, so our learners are sure to start their program at the appropriate level.

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