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On-Demand Chat Rooms

Language learning isn’t easy. Boost your language skills through human interaction and real-world practice. 

myTalk's On-Demand Chat Rooms enable English language learners to engage with their peers for practice outside of regular coursework. 

Watch a 1-minute video for more information on myTalk!

Practice Makes Perfect.

The more you practice your new language skills, the more it becomes easy and natural to speak in everyday situations. 

The conversation rooms in myTalk are monitored by our expert teachers, who help to keep the conversation and who provide encouragement and corrective feedback to learners.

If you want to use myTalk, you can simply join the conversation right from your learner Dashboard. It's that easy!

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How It Works

Participants are grouped in sections according to skill level, and chat rooms are limited to 10 participants per session. Sessions are 30 minutes each.

At the beginning of the session, the teacher introduces a common topic – such as holidays, sports, hobbies, etc. – and students engage in free-flowing conversation monitored by the instructor.

Self-paced online learning can leave students lagging behind when it comes to engaging in real-world situations.


myTalk is the perfect way to improve your listening comprehension, vocabulary and conversation skills!

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