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Dynamizer Services

Dynamizers are our secret to your learning success.

Kind of like a personal trainer - but for your language mind! - your Dynamizer sticks with you throughout your learning journey, offering extra motivation, tips for success and providing a single point of contact for questions or areas of frustration. 

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Results Matter

Learning a new language is difficult. That’s why we pair every one of our eLearners with a Dynamizer – an eLearning expert who supports the learner throughout the learning process.


Dynamizers proactively reach out to learners on a regular basis, offering motivation, tips & tricks and eLearning best practices.

Learners can also reach out to their Dynamizer at any time – whether they need help with a technical issue, are struggling to understand a concept, or just need a shoulder to lean on.


The results speak for themselves – projects with Dynamizer Support have demonstrated completion rates of over 70%, many times higher than the industry average.

Ardor’s Dynamizer-Supported Projects Achieve Average Completion Rates of 70%

(That’s 3-4x higher than the industry average)

How Do They Do It?

Our Dynamizers are experts in eLearning and are typically fluent in the learner's native language. This kind of bi-lingual support offers learners a critical resource on their learning path.



Dynamizers reach out to learners immediately after enrollment, providing course links, login credentials and a guide to get started in the eLearning platform. 



Dynamizers pull regular reports on their learners' progress, looking for any individuals who might be lagging behind. Dynamizers also work closely with the project manager to make sure the program manager stays informed about their employees' progress. 



Dynamizers send their learners regular emails, offering tips, resources, encouragement and extra motivational tools to help keep learners on track. 



Dynamizers are always available for learners to reach out - whether it's a technical issue or something they just don't understand or are having trouble grasping. 



Dynamizers conduct regular workshops with learners on topics such as time management and best practices for language learning, and keep them up to date on program upgrades and industry trends.

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