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Interaction, positive reinforcement and encouragement produce a more successful and fulfilling learning experience. 


Tutoring Services

myPractice is a tutoring service that can be added to any eLearning program. With myPractice, learners receive valuable  feedback on their learning progress as they advance through each unit.

How It Works

myEnglish contains 4 partial assessment tests per level that are 
corrected by a teacher within of 48 hours of student completion. 

The tests cover all language skills: reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and conversation. Scores are given for each section of the test as well as for the overall performance.

Teacher feedback includes written comments on the student's progress, a voice recording where pronunciation is corrected, and general comments on the student’s test performance.

3 Types of Feedback:

  • the student's numerical score

  • the teacher's written comments

  • the teacher's recorded comments (audio)

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Extra Help Along the Way

The student-teacher relationship thrives on interaction, positive reinforcement and encouragement. This interaction leads to better, longer lasting learning outcomes. 

Learning a new language is not easy, and myEnglish teachers understand that offering encouragement and motivation will help learners to learn more effectively.

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