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Improve Learner Outcomes
and Accelerate Results


Virtual classes allow students to improve their speaking skills and listening comprehension. 


Classes can also help learners connect the lessons from their eLearning program with situations they face every day and in their job role.

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One-to-One Classes

The most effective addition to eLearning, our One-to-One Classes pair you with an expert language teacher for a series of Virtual Classes. 

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Group Classes

A more cost-effective solution than adding teacher-led sessions, our Group Classes bring together learners who are at the same level in virtual sessions centered around a single topic.

Selecting the right program

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  • Group Classes are ideal for situations where team members can be matched with 
    learners of a similar skill level and can benefit from a shared learning experience.

  • Sessions are limited to a maximum of 8 participants to ensure full participation for all learners.

  • Learners can select their class topics from a broad list of General & Business English content. Business Skills Workshops and Specialized Classes are also available.

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  • More effective than any other method for active language practice.

  • Eliminate the inhibition that may come from group learning environments.

  • Improve language fluency as the student practices listening and speaking.

  • Allows teachers to adapt class content to the learner’s interests and their specific skill needs.

Increase Confidence

Extra verbal practice in real-world situations can boost confidence in language skills and have an immediate impact on workplace productivity and communication. 

We know this is what all trainers and learners aspire to: 

the experience of learning that matters.

Because what matters more than eliminating the barriers that keep you from achieving your highest potential?

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Working Cafe

Convenient Scheduling

Ardor’s virtual classes are scheduled right from the myEnglish Learner Dashboard, so learners do not have to switch between programs when moving from eLearning to a teacher-led class.

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