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New Education Technology Partnership Offers Opportunity for Students and Employees in India

Madan Kaja and S. Satyanarayana display the newly signed MOU
Mr. S. Satyanarayana and Madan Kaja display the newly signed MOU

14 July 2022 | Amaravati/Vijayawada, India — Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation (APSSDC), Saadhana Technology Solutions & Ardor Learning have signed an MOU to offer Business English and Foreign Language Learning Programs to college students and employees in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The partnership will offer a stepping stone for building successful careers, as students and employees master English and other global languages.

Managing Director and CEO of APSSDC Mr. S. Satyanarayana says the partnership is a crucial opportunity, as many young people who aspire for a job or career lack language and communication skills. Proficiency in English continues to be a huge divide between the elites and the aspiring class.

Saadhana Technology Solutions specializes in bridging the English and Foreign Language Skill gap among college students and employees. The company is represented by its co-founder Ravi Manchikanti, who states, “We recognize the need for language upskilling and providing career opportunities to college students, and corporate and government employees. Learners from the state of Andhra Pradesh will immensely benefit with this MOU between Saadhana, Ardor and APSSDC.”

Ardor Learning is a US-based multinational company specializing in online language learning solutions. Ardor’s India branch is represented by Managing Director Madan Kaja, an eLearning industry veteran with over 20 years of rich global experience. The company specializes in providing serious learning opportunities for language training that achieve desired results.

“Our platform and service model are built to ensure learners reach their learning goals and realize meaningful outcomes,” says Kaja. “This partnership offers us the opportunity to upskill large number of learners across the state of Andhra Pradesh, and for us to have a real impact on alleviating the forces holding down the job market. Better language skills will lead to a better quality of life and will help build successful professional careers.”

The tight labor market in key regions around the world, coupled with the continuing trend toward offshoring to countries with competitive labor costs, position India to capture quality employment opportunities from multinational companies globally —if the region’s workforce is up to the task.

Kaja says, “There is a desperate need for workers in the IT/Technology sector, as well as rapid growth in high-end back office operations in India. We keep hearing from employers that they wish candidates were better prepared for success as global business professionals and 'ready to go' from day one. Better English Language is a huge part of that preparation.”

While the program is primarily focused on bringing quality business English language education to Andhra Pradesh, language training will also be offered in 27 other global languages, such as German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.


Ardor Learning, Inc, is an educational technology company committed to generating true learning outcomes for language learners worldwide. Apart from other language providers in the global marketplace, Ardor’s solutions are designed for serious learners and situations where language upskilling is a critical part of an organization’s mission.

In 2018 the company acquired the English language eLearning program developed by Oxford University Press – the world’s leading authority on the English Language. Since that acquisition, Ardor Learning has deployed their technology expertise to create cutting-edge eLearning programs. Their signature myEnglish platform features an integrated virtual teacher avatar and is delivered with human support services to ensure learners achieve their goals.

The company has offices and operations in the USA, India, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, India, China and Japan, and their comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and tutoring services to create customized Blended Learning experiences.


Sadhana Technology Solutions is based in Hyderabad and specializes in providing solutions in the HCM (human capital management) space. Co- founded in 2021 by Ravi Manchikanti, an HR professional, the company provides various HCM solutions to clients around the world in diverse industry sectors.


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