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Ardor Learning Announces Language Training Partnership in the Middle East

26 October 2022 – Dubai, UAE | SaveFast, a Dubai-based provider of mandated and elective Health and Safety Training services, has partnered with Ardor Learning, Inc, of Palo Alto California to provide English language training services to professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Ardor Learning’s eLearning platform, myEnglish, provides structured online coursework for language learners of all levels. The company combines self-paced study with virtual teacher-led classes and personalized attention from a dedicated eLearning professional. This combination of services ensures high rates of program completion, providing critical language skill improvement.

SaveFast, having identified a particular need for English language training for a variety of professionals in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to align with the region’s goals to boost tourism and improve economic opportunities for all citizens, selected Ardor for their focus on learning outcomes and robust online platform.

Osama Abuwishah, Vice Chairman for SaveFast, states “It was clear to us Ardor’s learning programs are robust, and their focus on human intervention in the learning process is a critical component for success. Our trainees desperately need to improve their English in order to perform necessary job functions. We think this program offers us the best opportunity to see those needed results.”

Under the new partnership, Ardor Learning’s language experts will provide training and support, so that SaveFast’s personnel based in UAE and KSA can offer full-service language programs at their training facilities in the region. Learners will be provided 24/7 online and mobile access to the eLearning platform for self-study, and they can utilize SaveFast’s state-of-the-art facilities for on-premise and in-person classes and services.

Deepak Desai, Founder & CEO of Ardor Learning, says about the partnership, “When we first engaged with the SaveFast team, we were struck with the like-mindedness between our two organizations. Ardor is committed to learning outcomes when it really matters, and SaveFast had an immediate need to see real results. We have a lot of faith in the ability of the team members in the region, and we look forward to seeing the impact this partnership can have on English skills in the region.”


SaveFast Fire & Safety Training LLC is a leading provider of mandated and elective Health & Safety services in the UAE and parts of the GCC, and is the exclusive agent for DriverMetrics Psychometric Assessment and Training Solutions in the MENA region.


Ardor Learning, Inc, is an educational technology company committed to generating true learning outcomes for language learners worldwide. Apart from other language providers in the global marketplace, Ardor’s solutions are designed for serious learners and situations where language upskilling is a critical part of an organization’s mission.

In 2018 the company acquired the English language eLearning program developed by Oxford University Press – the world’s leading authority on the English Language. Since that acquisition, Ardor Learning has deployed their technology expertise to create cutting-edge eLearning programs. Their signature myEnglish platform features an integrated virtual teacher avatar and is delivered with human support services to ensure learners achieve their goals.

The company has offices and operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, India, China and Japan, and their comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and tutoring services to create customized Blended Learning experiences.


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