Language Learning Solutions for companies

Equip your employees with the skills they need to work in English and unlock your organization’s global potential.


When you partner with Ardor Learning the benefits for your employees and organization are clear.

1. Quality

A solution that combines the world-renowned educational quality of language learning content developed by Oxford University Press with the latest technology and professional support.

2. Productivity

Employees better able to communicate in English will drive collaboration and productivity in your increasingly global organization.

3. Proven results

92% learner satisfaction, 98% client satisfaction, and 87% course completion rate.

4. Project Management

Professional bespoke service from the Ardor Learning Project Management team from kick-off to course completion. Our “dynamizer” service assigns a learning outcomes professional to help motivate your employees, answer questions in a one-to-one setting and ensure program completion rates are high.

5. Reporting

Comprehensive reports that keep track of learners’ progress.

1. Quality

Originally published by Oxford University Press, the world’s maximum authority on the English language.

2. Flexibility

Any time, any place, at your own pace. Flexibility for busy lives.

3. Relevance

Develops urgently needed skills that are highly relevant for today’s global workers.

4. Ease of use

Intuitive and engaging – accelerates learners’ progress.

5. Support

Tutors motivate learners to keep on track and achieve their goals.

6. Certificate

Course completion certificate from Ardor Learning Inc. for learners who meet their objectives.

The Ardor Learning Process

  1. Assessment: Ardor Learning offers multiple assessment tools to determine the language deficits amongst your employees and to identify the areas most in need of enhanced learning.
  2. Product Selection: Let our Project Managers design a custom solution for your business, based on the unique needs of your employees. Ardor Learning offers a variety of training platforms that can be packaged and priced in a way that will work for your organization.
  3. Deployment: Ardor Learning offers a toolkit that will help managers introduce the program to employees and encourage participation and ongoing engagement. The results of each individual’s assessment will ensure that learners start at a language level appropriate for their current skill set.
  4. Ongoing Study and Coaching: Employees have 6 months to complete their assigned training. Ardor “dynamizers” – individuals assigned to your account, specially skilled to coach learners and enhance engagement with the learning tools – will be deployed as needed to encourage your employees to complete their studies.
  5. Certification: Employees who complete their assigned course of study will be awarded a completion certificate from Ardor Learning, and may be offered a continuing course of study to further enhance their language skills.

Contact a member of our Executive Sales team to start designing a language training solution today!

Language Training Products

Each organization is different, with specific training needs and employee profiles. Ardor Learning’s team will work with your company to identify your unique needs and to design a set of solutions that will bring the best return on investment for your training dollars.

MyArdor English

Our signature training platform with content developed by Oxford University Press

Phone classes icon

Phone classes

One-to-one classes with a qualified English teacher by phone or Skype that fit around learners’ busy schedules.

In-company workshops icon

On-Site classes

Let us come to you! A qualified English teacher can come to your company site and teach in-person group classes.

Virtual classes icon

Virtual classes

Live online group classes with a qualified English teacher, allowing learners to participate wherever they are in the world, and whenever suits them.


English courses abroad icon

Language Courses Abroad

Send your employees to an immersive language experience at one of our training sites in the United States or Spain.

Assessment Tools

Ardor offers an online assessment tool with content that is updated frequently and results that map to international English tests and exams such as TOEIC® and IELTS, We also have an assessment tool that includes spoken language tested with a virtual trainer in a one-to-one setting.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching service is currently in development and slated to become available in early 2020. The product will focus on high level global executives that need specialized and advanced English language training.

Other Languages

E-learning platforms for European languages are currently available, and Asian language training programs will become available soon.