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Solutions that are Affordable, Scalable AND Effective

Have you ever heard the saying, “Pick two, because you can’t have all three”?
Well, you won’t hear it from us.

Language skills are absolutely critical in the global marketplace, and we believe that everyone should have access to quality education programs that can truly help them learn.

That’s why we bring together a full suite of services to surround our learners and support our training managers.

Need a solution that can be applied across a large number of employees? Check. Our eLearning plus Dynamizer Service can be deployed to serve learner groups numbering into the tens of thousands.

Need a solution that can achieve accelerated results for high-stakes positions? Check. Our Intensive Solution can bring a learner up a full CEFR level in just three to six months.

Need a solution that fits your limited budget? Check. Our learning experts can help you identify the areas where training can have the most impact on your organization.

Don’t settle for a “pick two” solution. Contact our experts today to see how an Ardor training program can have an impact on your organization.


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