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Preguntas frecuentes

I cannot log in to the course.

Make sure that you are on the correct page. Do not search for myEnglish in a search engine - click on the link you received in the welcome email at the beginning of the course. If you do not remember your password; on the home page of the course, click on the Lost Password? link and write your username. The system will send you your password by email.

I cannot record or hear my voice.

If you cannot record or listen to your voice in the units, click on the configuration check button in the dashboard screen and check that your microphone is configured. If the problem persists, contact your Dynamizer.

I have finished a unit but in My Progress it does not appear as completed.

To complete a unit you need to have 100% progress and a score of 50% or more in the Self Check. To complete a Skills Practice or World English unit you need to have 100% progress. If you do not have 100% in the Progress bar it means that you did not finish one of the pages in the unit. Click on the + button to check which page you did not finish.

The course is not saving my progress.

The answers that you write in the units are not saved by the course, so that you can repeat them as many times as you wish. The system automatically records completion of activities, your study time and your score in the Self Checks. If you see that your activity is not being recorded, please contact your Dynamizer.

The course will not let me use contractions.

In the course you can write your answers using the full forms of the verbs (I am) or the contractions (I’m). You must use an apostrophe (‘) to write the contractions. If you use an accent (´ or `) in the contractions, the course will not accept the answer. Check on your country’s keyboard where the apostrophe key is.

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