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Podcast: Deepak Desai on Zero to 5000

Listen here:

Deepak Desai, Founder & CEO of Ardor Learning, was featured on the Zero to 5000 podcast, hosted by Jordan Mitchell and Drew McClure of Mitchell + McClure.

During the conversation, Deepak touched upon many of the experiences that have helped shaped his approach to business, and he shared some of the philosophy that shapes the culture of Ardor Learning.

Here are some of the highlights:

"I’ll just say it in this simple way -- this is what I was meant to do."

On learning a language:

Never forget that the learner is the central figure. English is a ticket to opportunity for people. Learning a language is a dream. Lack of communication skills should not be a barrier to advancement/success.

After the age of 25, it’s 6x more difficult to learn a language than to learn calculus.

On Our Approach to Customer Service & Delivering Value for our Clients:

Our client corporations have seen the results, and that is why we are growing. Our approach is focused on results. We work with our clients to create realistic expectations, and then make sure we meet them. You have to deliver on the promises you make to your customers.

On Building a Strong, Lasting Company:

It takes time to build something of value.

If you focus on delivering value – for us this is generating learning outcomes – rather than focusing on the deal or the financial returns, eventually you have built something that is so valuable that all the other things will come.

Growth has to come naturally, you can’t force it.

On the Relationship Between Employer & Employee:

Go beyond the transactional nature of employment, identify with the purpose.

You have to make people feel valued, empowered to create miracles. Challenge people in a way that is uplifting. Create an atmosphere where people are free to tell you that you’re wrong. Surround yourself with people who can tell you no… and then listen to them. It is the same with customers too. You have to listen to them.

Trust is a risk, but 90% of the time it works out.


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