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Trainer for Call Center English Skills


Post Date:
Dec 1, 2022
Full Time

The Trainer will teach and prepare groups of students in a virtual setting for employment in contact centers, using our proprietary curriculum and platform. The goal of this immersive program is to enhance English speaking, writing and comprehension skills with call center operational competencies. We are looking for an experienced teacher and/or call center trainer with a high level of technical knowledge who can work fully remote and be able to work an 8-hour shift.

Job Functions:

- Conduct training classes and utilize a variety of training methods including role playing, overcoming objections, professional development classes, simulations, and mentoring, while creating a warm and positive experience for all students.

- Demonstrate subject matter expertise (SME) on business process for Customer Care Member.

- Facilitate courses, leveraging effective techniques for Virtual trainings.

- Responsible for all aspects of the classroom environment, to include preparation, delivery and outcomes.

- Responsible for performance management of students while in the classroom environment; partner with quality manager to address behavioral or competency issues of the students.

- Provide ongoing feedback to address process and content gaps.

- Oversee participant communications and class participation.

- Execute effectively to evaluation process to determine program effectiveness and student proficiency.

- Perform other job-related functions as requested.


- Experience with LATAM learners

- Positive, coaching attitude

- Understanding of adult learning principles and strategies

- Strong facilitation skills in a group setting

- Excellent written and oral communication skills

- Strong organizational skills

- Ability to quickly build relationships and establish rapport

- Demonstrated ability to work in fast paced environment managing and prioritizing multiple responsibilities and deliverables while meeting deadlines


- Bachelor’s degree

- A minimum of 4 years Teaching English experience with 2 years of customer service experience

- Excellent command of the English language (CEFR Level C2)

- Candidates with English major and/or holding TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, IELTS or TOEFL certificates preferred

Working Conditions:

- Ability to work remotely in Time Zone: GMT – 6

- Deliver classes in 2 – 4 hours blocks of time

- BYOD (Bring your own device)

- You must be able to provide your own equipment AND set up your own workstation

Technical Requirements:

- Home internet with modem -- No Hot Spots
- Minimum Requirement: 20 Mbps download speed; 5Mbps upload
- Minimum: RAM Memory: 4 GB of RAM, Preferred: 8 GB RAM
- PC Hard Drive Storage: Minimum 64 GB HD, Preferred 128 GB SSD or 5400 RPM
- Minimum Windows 10, MacOS 11

Offer Details:

- Detailed training and onboarding to the program (before the classes start)

- Ongoing support and methodological help from Ardor Learning Academic Team

- Class material for every single session

- Working with a Team of Experts passionate about language and skills training

- Professional development within the company (Global Solutions Department)

- Project continuity and other training project opportunities

- Mentoring, feedback and quality control support provided by the Team and Project Managers

- Attractive salary and working conditions

Why Work for Ardor:

- Be a member of our global, multicultural and knowledgeable Team
- Join a mission driven company with clear and sustainable goals
- Be part of a new approach to education and training, based on serious commitments and outcomes
- Develop your professional career in the educational sector
- Build your long-term professional project within a sustainable work frame and growing company
- Enjoy contributing to changes in peoples lives by sharing your passion and experience
- Get started with a growing global solutions provider, offering opportunity for growth and advancement for high performers

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