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7 October 2019

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Ardor Learning Launches myEnglish Mobile App and eLearning platform

“This platform feels genuinely new and genuinely unique”

Ardor Learning announces the launch of a new mobile app and online learning platform, myEnglish. The new eLearning software features robust content and unique learner interactions not seen on other language learning platforms, and it comes at a time when the global industry of language learning is undergoing a major transformation.


The myEnglish Mobile App and Online Learning Platform allows users to engage with language learning content that has been developed specifically for the way adults learn a new language, and that has been proven to generate results with learners around the world. The platform features a variety of experiences for learners, including record and playback features, self-assessments, engaging videos to demonstrate language use in real world situations, and a user experience that is led by Ardor Learning’s avatar, Annabel.


“This platform feels genuinely new and genuinely unique,” says Founder and CEO Deepak Desai. “It is the only thing I’ve seen that actually takes the whole learning experience that we used to get out of classes with textbooks and packages it for your mobile device. The other stuff out there may take a piece here and there – like vocabulary practice or repetition – but with myEnglish we have moved the entire pedagogy onto your smartphone.”

From Textbooks to html5

With its heavy reliance on Flash-based educational platforms, the field of English language training is in a major state of flux: Adobe’s decision to no longer support flash programming has forced industry leaders to update their old technology. Ardor’s 2018 acquisition of Oxford University Press’s My Oxford English program included a plan to move that legacy content into the new age of mobile learning. To accomplish this, Ardor partnered with Aziksa, an award-winning Silicon Valley development firm that specializes in online learning platforms.


“The experience and talent that Aziksa brings to the table was key to our plan to transform the way people learn,” says Desai. “As soon as we acquired Oxford’s content we went to work on moving it to this new technological platform. We wanted to create a learning experience that pays attention to how users navigate and engage differently on a smart phone than they do in a browser on their desktop. We wanted the learning experience to feel more natural, and we wanted to stay true to our mission to develop learning solutions for serious learners, solutions that create real, lasting outcomes.”


Of course, users can still access the program from their desktop computers using their browser. The new technology that underpins myEnglish actually allows the user to move seamlessly across different learning environments. A learner can log in from their desktop computer, then move to their smartphone and pick up right where they left off. The platform even integrates optional teacher-led learning experiences like telephone and online classes.


“Let’s face it,” says Desai, “the way people learn has changed so much in just the past few years. An effective program has to meet learners where they are at, on their smart phone or tablet devices.”


Ardor Learning, in addition to offering online and mobile learning platforms, has been working to develop more and better language training resources to serve global companies, educational institutions and governmental entities. The company’s consultative approach to language training and their unique Dynamizer service and project management expertise has led to high user completion rates and ROI. Ardor offers an online assessment tool that helps ensure learners start at an appropriate learning level, and employs teaching personnel that have business experience, enhancing the quality and applicability of language acquisition. The company is also preparing to offer a Virtual Executive Coaching product that will focus on high level global executives needing specialized and advanced English language training.

"We wanted to create a learning experience that pays attention to how users navigate and engage differently on a smart phone than they do in a browser on their desktop."


Ardor Learning is a Silicon Valley based corporation with its roots squarely in the tech sector and has been a growing force in the corporate and institutional English Language training field. The organization has offices and operations in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India. 

The company’s comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and in-person teaching services, utilizing eLearning, audio and video platforms.