Language learning isn't easy.

We're here to help.

We want everyone to come out of this crisis better off than where they started. So we're offering a limited 3-month eLearning license for highly motivated learners who want to power through the studies. Make the most of your time, and learn on your own time. Self-paced eLearning is well suited for these times in which we live, and we have the coursework that can help you get ahead. 

Study at any level, from beginner
to expert. 

3 month license for 


  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning Content (Tablet/Computer)

  • Engaging Videos, Formal and Informal learning content to keep you engaged

  • Human Support to keep you learning - our Dynamizer is your personal learning concierge

Tools you can take to work.

Coursework aligns to Global Standards for Language Learning, and your course completion certificate indicates your language competency.

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  • Aligns with Global Standards for Language Learning

  • Structured Learning

  • Covers all aspects of Communication

  • Engaging content (Videos)

  • Level Placement

  • Informal Learning

  • Dynamizer (human) support

  • Achieve Better Speaking Skills

  • Improve Confidence with Writing and Speaking 

  • Handle Business Situations More Effectively 

  • Connect and Coordinate Better with Colleagues Around the World

  • ​Content Developed by Oxford

  • Access to Learning Anytime, Anywhere (PC/Tablet Only)

  • Used by many corporations globally

  • Course Level Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

How it works

We want you to really learn. No gimmicks. Our program includes a helping hand to guide you every step of the way. 

3-month license for r ₹ 3000

Every learner will be provided a link to perform an online assessment, so we can be sure your learning journey begins at the right level. Each license includes unlimited learning, allowing you to advance as many levels as you can over the duration of your license. Upon completion of each level, you will receive a course certification that aligns with CEFR guidelines.

Upon completing your payment, you will receive a receipt from Paypal or PayTM verifying your transaction. Your Dynamizer - your personal learning concierge - will reach out to you via email within 24 hours, and you will receive your login credentials to immediately begin leaning. 

If you experience any difficulties with the transaction or need assistance, please email

If you are a corporate or institutional customer, please contact:

 Madan Kaja  


Thank you, and Happy Learning!




Ardor Learning is a Silicon Valley based corporation with its roots squarely in the tech sector. Our language training platform marries the best content – developed by Oxford University, the world’s foremost authority on the English Language – with the best technology and the best teaching personnel to produce superior learning outcomes for our clients. 

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