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Equip your employees with the skills they need to work in English and unlock your organization’s global potential.

  • Enterprise-level solutions

  • Secure and GDPR-compliant

  • Fully integrated Blended Learning platform that combines self-paced learning with private and/or group classes for steady skill development

Ardor’s sales executives have spent their careers in the language and/or eLearning field, and they approach your training requirements as consultants, understanding that success may mean different things to different organizations and meeting your unique challenges with a dedication to achieving true learning outcomes.

Professional bespoke service from the our Project Management team from kick-off to course completion. Our “dynamizer” service assigns a learning outcomes professional to help motivate your employees, answer questions in a one-to-one setting and ensure program completion rates are high.

A solution that combines the world-renowned educational quality of language learning content developed by Oxford University Press with the latest technology and professional support.

Ardor's e-learning platform has been developed by Aziksa, an award-winning developer of blended learning solutions.

Employees better able to communicate in a shared language will drive collaboration and productivity in your increasingly global organization.

Ardor Learning's English learning program utilizes content developed by Oxford University, the world's leading authority on the English language. 

92% learner satisfaction, 98% client satisfaction, and an 87% course completion rate.

Ardor Learning's language training programs are able to achieve such high metrics through our commitment to achieving true learning outcomes that will have a lasting impact on the lives of our learners and on your company's operations.

Ardor's project management team and dynamizer service will keep track of your learners' progress throughout the life of the program. Our comprehensive reports are available at your fingertips and offer full transparency into the success of your learning program.








The research is clear: The best way to learn a new language is through human interaction. Ardor's learning platforms combine the latest technology with a human touch every step of the way.

Our eLearning avatar 'Annabel' leads learners through their coursework, and our dynamizers monitor learners' progress and step in to offer additional motivational support as needed. 

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And when you begin a program with Ardor, you will have a dedicated account manager who works closely to report on learner progress and ensure the program stays on a path toward achieving your organization’s goals.

Ardor’s tutors are native English speakers and represent the best of language training expertise, combining real business experience with the knowledge it takes to teach the complexities of the English language.

Ardor’s eLearning service includes a ‘Dynamizer’ who is assigned to your account to monitor learners’ progress and answer questions in a one-to-one setting.