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13 February 2020 | Bucharest, Romania

Ardor Learning Announces New
Partnership With Britanica Romania

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Ardor Learning announces the signing of a new partnership with Britanica Learning Centre in Romania. The deal will make Ardor Learning’s robust eLearning tools available in all three of Britanica’s Learning Centres as well as in the educational institutions and companies that receive language training from Britanica.

Britanica Learning Centre pursued the deal with Ardor in order to offer students Ardor’s robust English language learning content developed by Oxford University Press. Ardor’s cutting-edge technology platform offers learners a unique way to learn English online, pairing an avatar persona that guides learners through the digital coursework with features that allow users to test their listening comprehension and pronunciation as well as their grasp of complex grammar and sentence structure rules through self-assessments and progress tests.

Gabriel Olariu, Owner/Manager for Britanica says they were attracted to Ardor’s approach to learning and their commitment to providing the best learning tools for their students. “We are always seeking out the best curriculum and learning tools for our programs. Our teachers work hard to make sure that every learner receives one-on-one attention to keep them motivated and learning in a way that will have a lasting impact on their life. The addition of Ardor’s library of eLearning tools and their unique cutting-edge technology will provide a real boost to our English students.

André le Fèvre, Ardor’s Regional Sales Director and Bettina Boca, Ardor’s Project Manager in Romania who shepherded the agreement express confidence for the pairing’s potential to change the landscape for language learners in Romania. “When you pair the eLearning content offered through Ardor Learning’s online program with the in-person teaching excellence of Britanica,” says le Fèvre, “you have a language learning solution that will truly generate results for learners.”

The multi-year agreement ensures Ardor Learning’s eLearning content will be available at Britanica Learning Centres through 2022.

"The addition of Ardor’s library of eLearning tools and their unique cutting-edge technology will provide a real boost to our English students."


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Britanica Learning Centre is a language teaching organization that was set up in 2005, in Bucharest. It offers language courses to children and adults alike, in its three language centres that operate in different districts of Bucharest, within other educational institutions like state schools and after-schools as well as in partner companies that receive in-company language instruction from Britanica.


The company employs 40 teachers for young learner courses and 15 in-company trainers, averages over 20,000 learning hours annually, serves over 2,000 learners annually and is currently engaged in partnerships with over 100 Romanian and international corporations and over 30 educational institutions.


Ardor Learning, Inc, is an educational technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley USA and is committed to generating true learning outcomes for language learners worldwide. In 2018 the company acquired the English language eLearning program developed by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading authority on the English Language. Since that acquisition, Ardor Learning has deployed their technology expertise to create a cutting-edge eLearning program.

The company has offices and operations in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India. 

Ardor’s comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and in-person teaching services, utilizing eLearning, audio and video platforms.