Do you know your employee's Business English communication capability? Do you have an English training program that can truly enhance your employee's communication skills? Ardor might have the solution you need. 


Focused on structural learning by leveraging 12 levels of course designed by Oxford University Press. Adding human touch components based on different learning needs.


For an enhanced educational experience, private small group lessons using My Ardor English and General & Business English skills development with instructor led teaching delivered virtually.


Assessment tools designed specifically for the tasks with ease of deployment and trackable results in mind.


A full spectrum of language training services through partnership including individual classes, private small group classes and online self-learning for languages commonly used in Europe and Asia.



Assessment Licenses

We want to help you get started by learning your employee's current communication capability. For a limited time, Ardor is offering 50 FREE assessment licenses (a value of $1,000) at no cost.


About the Ardor Placement Test

Ardor's Placement Test will was designed by University of Oxford, the world’s lead authority on the English language. It includes reading, writing and speaking* components.

The assessment tests the listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar skills of the test taker.



The questions are tied to real business situations, making sure the results are relevant to the company.


Test results are translated into CEFR** levels which can be used for various purposes such as training planning or promotion.

Instant Results

Test results are available to the learner immediately after the test is completed, and a detailed report is automatically sent to the program owner.

Easy to Deploy
& Scalable

Deployment is easy! Registration is only a few short steps, and an Ardor Learning Account Manager will support you throughout the project.

*Speaking assessment can be added at a minimum cost. 

**CEFR: Common European Framework Reference.

How to Sign Up

For a limited time, Ardor is offering companies 50 Placement Test licenses at no cost. Companies could use them for various scenarios: planning for training, strategizing task allocation or simply understanding employee's language skills.

Sign up using the form below and reserve 50 Ardor Placement Test licenses for your company.

Activate the licenses anytime before Nov 30 and each license will have 15 days before it expires.

Distribute Placement Test licenses to your employees. The test is going to take 60 minutes.

Your Ardor Project Manager will summarize the test results of your employee's and present a report to you.

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