PALO ALTO, CA | 10 January 2020

Ardor Learning Named Top EdTech Solution Company in Europe

Ardor Learning Award Logo.png

Education Technology Insights has released their list of 2020's Top EdTech Solution Providers, naming Ardor Learning at the top.

Considering the recent various changes in the way education is delivered and received - such as self-learning, the Internet of Things, eLearning and Mobile Learning, game-based learning, AI, and video-assisted learning, including AR and VR - Education Technology Insights compiled a list of solution providers that are transforming the teaching and learning processes and disrupting the industry. 

Ardor Learning was named at the top of this year's list. 

Read more about the honor on their website here.


Education Technology Insights is a publication focused on presenting a complete picture of how technology can be beneficial to teaching institutions and how educators can utilize modern tools. Education Technology Insights regularly publishes content online and in print to a robust audience of free and paid subscribers. 


Ardor Learning, Inc, is an educational technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley USA and is committed to generating true learning outcomes for language learners worldwide. In 2018 the company acquired the English language eLearning program developed by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading authority on the English Language. Since that acquisition, Ardor Learning has deployed their technology expertise to create a cutting-edge eLearning program.

The company has offices and operations in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India. 

Ardor’s comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and in-person teaching services, utilizing eLearning, audio and video platforms.