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Palo Alto, CA | 5 April 2021


A Message from our Founder & CEO

A comprehensive review of our 2020 projects shows amazingly high levels of achievement, reflecting our ongoing commitment to learning outcomes.


More than half (64%) of all our learners in 2020 were supported by our team of Dynamizers. Our sales executives and project managers have worked with our clients to help them see the value of investing in outcomes, and it has paid off. Our Dynamizer service has a demonstrable impact on learning results. I expect to see our portion of Dynamizer-supported projects continue to rise in the coming years as more clients see the amazing return on investment provided by this approach.

Of all the projects supported by Ardor Dynamizers that were completed in 2020, more than 85% of them had completion rates above 50%. Most eLearning programs can hardly approach a 20% threshold, and we have far exceeded that standard. More than 85% of our projects - WOW!

For projects with Dynamizer support, learner completion rates averaged 70%. Projects not supported with Ardor’s Dynamizers averaged only 46% learner completion. Reviewing our 2020 project outcomes proves the value of human connection and support. Our amazing team of Dynamizers really make the difference: an almost 25% improvement in learner outcomes!

To further emphasize this point, over half of all our 2020 projects (including Dynamizer-supported projects and projects that were not supported) had completion rates above 65%. When we look at just the Dynamizer-supported projects, that number jumps to 72%. Over half of our Dynamizer-supported projects had completion rates above 72%!

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I am immensely proud of and grateful for the work our team does, as well as for the dedication we see in our learners.


The Ardor Method combines quality learning content and proven teaching methods with cutting-edge technology and expert human support. It takes all three to achieve success in the eLearning environment, and our 2020 project outcomes clearly demonstrates this.


The Ardor Way is how our belief that language learning has the power to change lives manifests in our dedication to our learners, our clients and our team. We approach our work with a sense of purpose, always acting with integrity in service to each other and to achieve the greatest benefit for all.


The Ardor Advantage is the difference our clients see in our approach to customer service. Higher learner outcomes means greater return on investment for organizations that really care about quality learning.


I am immensely proud of and grateful for the work our team does, as well as for the dedication we see in our learners. Language Learning is HARD, and it inspires me to see outcomes as strong as these in the face of so many challenges. Thank you, and way to go Ardor!


Ardor Learning, Inc, is an educational technology company headquartered in Silicon Valley USA and is committed to generating true learning outcomes for language learners worldwide. In 2018 the company acquired the English language eLearning program developed by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading authority on the English Language. Since that acquisition, Ardor Learning has deployed their technology expertise to create a cutting-edge eLearning program.

The company has offices and operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, China, Japan and India. 

Ardor’s comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of distance teaching and in-person teaching services, utilizing eLearning, audio and video platforms.