Ardor Learning Enhances Growing Portfolio of Language Training Resources for Global Businesses

Ardor Learning announces the acquisition of the team of employees from a leading virtual language teaching company, bringing the entire team under the Ardor umbrella. The acquisition enhances the company’s portfolio of language training resources and comes less than one year after Ardor’s acquisition of Oxford University Press’s online learning platform, My Oxford English.

“With the acquisition of My Oxford English,” says Founder and CEO Deepak Desai, “we captured the best content and have married it with the best technology, which is now the My Ardor English training platform. With this new team of teachers, we are adding in the best human instructors.”

Ardor English, a Silicon Valley based corporation with over 50 executives worldwide, has been a growing force in the corporate and institutional English Language training field. The company has operations in USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India and offers a variety of learning platforms. Chief among these platforms is My Ardor English, the company’s adaptation of the My Oxford English language learning platform. This platform is distinguished by its roots in over 500 years of English Language publishing experience, and, when combined with Ardor Learning’s tech savvy, has started to carve out a powerful niche in the industry. The addition of the teaching team clearly signals the company’s intent to diversify its product offerings and to do so by adding talent and experience that is the best in its field.

“Language learning isn’t easy,” says Desai. “And anyone who tells you it is or it should be is just trying to sell you a gimmick.”

Today over 80% of spending on language learning is still led by human teachers. Despite a proliferation of digital platforms, the best way to learn a new language is through human interaction. Even with its roots squarely in the tech sector, Ardor Learning understands this in a way few other language teaching services do. Effective language training needs great teachers. Ardor’s Executives have seen this first hand in their experience with global companies. And corporate language training needs teachers who have practical experience in the business world – not just academics.

In fact, the human side of this tech company goes beyond engagement with human teachers. Ardor’s online training platform, My Ardor English, includes a unique “dynamizer” service that assigns a learning process professional to assist in motivating learners, answering questions in a one-to-one setting and ensuring a company’s training program achieves high rates of completion.

“Ardor Learning is focused on results,” says Desai. “And we know the best way to get results is by understanding what is truly needed to learn a language and learn it well enough to be effective in a global business environment. Our platform is founded in the best science, deploying a training methodology that is rooted in the best content and conveyed with the highest technological expertise. That digital experience gets reinforced through the interaction we offer with the best language training personnel out there.”

Desai praises the superior skills of Ardor’s new language training team, adding, “We had experience working with this team of trainers, and we were impressed with their ability to generate true language learning results. That we were able to bring them onto the Ardor Learning team is a testament to the power of our training platform. It will be a seamless transition for our clients.”

Ardor Learning, in addition to the online and virtual training platforms, has been working to develop more and better language training resources to serve global companies, educational institutions and governmental entities. The company has an online assessment tool that helps ensure learners start at an appropriate learning level, and that helps HR managers identify areas for improvement that can have the best impact. A beta version of Ardor Learning’s 24/7 Virtual Classroom is slated to come online in the next few weeks. The company is also preparing to offer an Executive Coaching product that will focus on high level global executives that need specialized and advanced English language training.


Ardor Learning is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2014 to pioneer the future of English language education. The organization has offices and operations in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India, and Ardor Learning’s Global team of over 50 employees has a combined 300 years of rich industry experience.

Ardor’s mission is to produce true learning outcomes evidenced by enhanced language skills that support business objectives, ensuring scalability, transparency and return on investment.

The company’s comprehensive language training solutions include a full range of virtual and in-person teaching services, utilizing e-Learning, audio and video platforms. Ardor Learning can also provide a standalone assessment tool to help organizations identify communication weaknesses and target outcomes.

Ardor recently purchased My Oxford English — now known as My Ardor English — which was developed by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading creator of English language learning materials.