The ultimate test of any learning product is not how many people use it or how much time they spend in the program, but rather the skills they develop.

Ardor Learning is pioneering the future of online English education. A Silicon Valley company with offices and operations in the USA, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Japan and India, Ardor Learning’s Global team has more than 300 years of rich industry experience. Ardor’s mission is to produce true learning outcomes evidenced by enhanced skills that support your business objectives, ensuring scalability, transparency and return on your investment.

Our comprehensive learning solutions are based on the best language learning science and include a full range of distance teaching and in-person teaching services, utilizing eLearning, audio and video platforms. Ardor Learning can also provide a standalone assessment tool to help your organization identify communication weaknesses and target outcomes.

Our approach is to blend superior technology with human touch to provide the “best of both worlds” and to ensure learners achieve demonstrable skill improvement. The ultimate test of any learning product is not how many people use it or how much time they spend in the program, but the rather the skills they develop. Our blended approach has produced completion and proficiency achievement at much higher levels than the average industry rates.

Ardor recently purchased My Oxford English — now known as My Ardor English — which was developed by Oxford University Press, the world’s leading creator of English language learning materials. Our English language training program is based on this superior content, backed by Oxford’s more than 500 years of experience as the world’s foremost authority on the English language.

Our Team

Deepak Desai, Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Santosh Jha, CEO of Aziksa
Joyce Sharkey, US Global Account Director
Debbie Creigh, Director, Global Accounts
Javier Cruz, Director, Latin America
Andre Le Fevre, Regional Sales Director, EMEA
Antonio Gil, Account Director, Spain
Marga Martinez, Account Director, Spain
Hiroshi Sato, Country Manager, Japan
Hans Cao, Regional Manager China
Madan Kaja, Director – India
Karen Chang, Global Account Executive
Bob Leman, Global Consultant
Cesar Corpus, Country Manager, Mexico
Sanket Chitnis, Senior Consultant
Gema Rodriguez Torres, Project Manager, Spain
Raquel Andreo, Project Manager, Spain
Gordon Wyllie, Senior Consultant
Hector Ventosa, Global Teacher Services Manager
Bettina Boca, Project Manager Latin America
Melia Christensen, Marketing Manager
Jennifer McCauley, Teacher Services
Will Dorman, Teacher Services
Patricia Dorado, Teacher Services
Scott Stewart, Head of Studies
Bev Strellner, Senior Global Account Manager

Ardor Partners

Oxford University Press. Ardor has a continuing license agreement with Oxford University Press to provide us with the latest in teaching excellence.

Aziksa Inc. Aziksa is a leading educational technology company based in Silicon Valley and is leading our efforts in technological and product innovation.

Ardor Learning has several prominent distribution partners around the world, including Lexicom in Colombia, The Language Company in Chile, The Language Force in Mexico, Kampus Learning in Turkey, Learning Expert in Russia and OTC in Japan.